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Case Study - Blossom & Bramble

Our Work in Action

Blossom & Bramble is an online Shopify store offering fresh cut blooms that are sustainably grown, locally sourced, and expertly arranged fresh flowers to bring joy to any space. The website offers a simple online ordering process allowing customers to have stunning bouquets locally delivered.


About Blossom & Bramble:

Blossom & Bramble is committed to growing native flowers using sustainable and organic practices. They are big believers in respecting the land and the creatures it houses. Owners of Blossom & Bramble have taken the time to learn from other well-established organic growers and developed their own organic management plan with a soil scientist. They understand that any farming practice has an impact on the environment, but they aim to grow in a manner that enables pollinators, birds, and other wildlife to safely inhabit our land. Blossom & Bramble ultimately strives to grow flowers you can feel good about bringing into your home and sharing with your loved ones.


After enduring weeks that turned into months of frustration and encountering numerous roadblocks, the proprietors of Blossom & Bramble came to the realization that attempting a “do-it-yourself” approach on Shopify was an unattainable goal. Consequently, Blossom & Bramble reached out to NANZORIGINAL GROUP LLC to assume control of the project. They sought to construct a tailor-made website that harmonized seamlessly with their brand identity, complete with bespoke features that extended beyond the conventional offerings available for online commerce on the Shopify platform.

Phase 1


In the Phase 1 Prototype for Blossom & Bramble, our primary focus was on mapping a user-friendly navigational experience that ensured effortless browsing and product discovery for their customers. We were committed to simplifying the online shopping journey, making it as intuitive and enjoyable as strolling through a flower-filled garden. Our goal was to provide a seamless and straightforward online checkout process that would allow Blossom & Bramble’s customers to effortlessly select and purchase their favorite locally grown flower bouquets. We were dedicated to creating a digital platform that reflected the same beauty and ease of Blossom & Bramble’s handcrafted arrangements, ensuring a delightful shopping experience for their patrons.

Phase 2


In Phase 2 of the website design, we drew inspiration from Blossom & Bramble’s existing brand image. Our color palette incorporated an earthy green with a slightly muted tone, intentionally crafted to resonate with Blossom & Bramble’s unique sense of place. This choice not only encapsulated the essence of their brand but also strategically guided users’ attention to critical information across the website. Additionally, we introduced subtle overlays of the logo and other branding elements, imparting a sense of texture and maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout the entire website.

Phase 3

Bringing it All Together

As we brought all the elements together, the newly designed Blossom & Bramble Shopify site proudly puts handcrafted bouquets and arrangements, cultivated with love and meticulous care from their small urban farm, at the forefront. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the online and offline, Blossom & Bramble continues to celebrate the profound beauty of nature. Blossom & Bramble’s commitment to creating and delivering locally grown, fresh flowers resonates, not just within their digital presence but also within the homes and offices of their cherished local community, spreading the joy of vibrant blooms far and wide.

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