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Case Study - Frying Pan Tower

Our Work in Action

This case study delves into FPTower Inc.’s website transformation, exploring the strategic design choices, innovative functionalities, and impactful results that inspire and promote the restoration of Frying Pan Tower™, a decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouse located 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina and rises 135′ above the Atlantic Ocean.


About Frying Pan Tower:

FPTower, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in charge of restoring Frying Pan Tower™, a decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouse located 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina and rises 135′ above the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, Frying Pan Tower continues to provide safety to Mariners in the Atlantic ocean, is used for environmental research and education studies, and is shelter to a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife.

Frying Pan Tower is powered using wind turbine and solar energy for electricity. It has a filtration system for potable water and high-speed Internet for communications. View live streaming on YouTube!

Amid the many volunteer-driven restoration projects happening, people can still enjoy activities like fishing from the tower, biodegradable clay skeet-shooting, corn hole, snorkeling or scuba diving the protected reef below. Golf lovers can tee off biodegradable golf balls made of fish food, enjoy indoor movie and game nights, shoot pool, and on occasion, fireworks displays over the water.


The website aims to provide clarity regarding the organization’s mission and purpose. This involves clearly communicating FPTower, Inc.’s commitment to the restoration and preservation of the Frying Pan Tower, a US Coast Guard Lighthouse located off the North Carolina coast at the end of Frying Pan Shoals.

To fulfill its educational role, the website will feature a dedicated section filled with historical information about the Frying Pan Tower. This content will elucidate the lighthouse’s historical significance and the ongoing efforts involved in its preservation. Through this section, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the tower’s heritage.

As fundraising and support are crucial to FPTower, Inc.’s mission, the website will facilitate online donations and host fundraising campaigns. It will clearly articulate the impact of financial contributions and encourage visitors to become active supporters by donating to the cause.

To engage the online community, the website will incorporate interactive features such as e-Commerce, newsletter sign ups, opportunities for volunteering, and Eco-Tourism Adventure Stays. These elements will enable individuals to actively participate in the mission of preserving the Frying Pan Tower.

Additionally, a news and updates section will provide timely information about the progress of restoration, preservation initiatives, and success stories to keep visitors informed about recent developments.

Phase 1


The website will promote events, tours, and activities related to the Frying Pan Tower, offering details, schedules, and booking options for those interested in experiencing the tower firsthand. It will also showcase partnerships with other organizations, agencies, or sponsors involved in the preservation efforts, emphasizing the collective commitment to the mission.

A gallery featuring images, videos, and multimedia content will visually narrate the history and restoration journey of the Frying Pan Tower, captivating visitors with compelling visuals. Clear contact information, multiple communication channels, and accessibility features will ensure that interested parties can easily connect, inquire, and offer support.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will be employed to enhance the website’s visibility, attracting individuals interested in lighthouse history and preservation. Finally, social media integration will encourage visitors to share information and engage with the Frying Pan Tower community through social platforms. These objectives collectively aim to create an informative, engaging, and supportive online platform aligning with FPTower, Inc.’s mission and encouraging active involvement and support from the online community.

Phase 2


Finding inspiration from the natural elements of the clear Atlantic blue ocean, 360 degree views of wide open sky from sunrise to sunset, and star-filled nighttime skies, NANZORIGINAL found inspiration for the FPTower, Inc. brand image. Combining those elements with visual images of volunteers working to restore Frying Pan Tower, images of the marine life below, the rustic structural elements of a lighthouse modeled after a Texas Oil Rig.

Phase 3

Bringing it All Together

The successful website design for FPTower, Inc. focuses on clear communication of the organization’s mission and commitment to preserving the historic Frying Pan Tower. It includes a dedicated historical section, supports online donations and fundraising efforts, engages the community through interactive features, and keeps visitors informed with timely news and updates about preservation initiatives and successes.

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