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Case Study - Queen’s Grant High School

Our Work in Action

This case study dives into the transformation of Queen’s Grant High School’s website redesign, exploring the strategic design choices, innovative functionalities, and measurable results that empower school choice and elevate the educational experience.


Queen's Grant

About Queen’s Grant High School:

Queen’s Grant High School: A Beacon of Educational Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Matthews, North Carolina, Queen’s Grant High School stands as a testament to academic excellence and innovative learning. Established with an unwavering commitment to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of every student, Queen’s Grant fosters a dynamic and inclusive educational environment that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

This case study delves into the transformative journey of Queen’s Grant High School’s website. Through a collaborative and data-driven approach, we crafted a website that not only reflects the school’s core values but also empowers families seeking exceptional educational opportunities.


Enhance User Experience and Engagement:

Attract Prospective Students and Families:

Improve Communication with Existing Stakeholders:

Strengthen Brand Identity:

Increase Conversion Rates:

Phase 1


In the discovery phase of Queen’s Grant High School’s website redesign, we embarked on a comprehensive process to gain a thorough understanding of the school. This collaborative effort, dubbed “Go Wide, Go Deep,” went beyond basic information to explore their core values, aspirations, target audience, and market landscape. We actively identified potential challenges and opportunities to ensure alignment with their strategic objectives.

Through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, competitor analysis, and market research, we painted a comprehensive picture of Queen’s Grant’s unique environment. This holistic approach allowed us to craft targeted solutions that resonate deeply with their target audience and fuel their growth aspirations. This initial phase laid the solid foundation for a website redesign that truly captures the essence of Queen’s Grant and empowers them to achieve their vision.

Queen's Grant High School Website Redesign
Phase 2

Design Concept

In Phase 2, we translated the valuable insights from the discovery phase into a tangible roadmap for Queen’s Grant High School’s website. We meticulously crafted a user-friendly sitemap, prioritizing seamless navigation and optimal content discoverability.

Keyword-rich content, tailored to their unique target audience, was developed to fuel both search engine ranking and user engagement. This engaging content aims to educate and inspire visitors with informative and compelling narratives. Beyond content, we brought Queen’s Grant’s brand vision to life through visually stunning design prototypes.

These prototypes showcased the school’s distinct aesthetic identity and meticulously focused on crafting an intuitive user experience. This collaborative approach allowed Queen’s Grant High School to visualize and interact with the future of their online presence before development even began, ensuring alignment with their brand and resonating powerfully with their audience.

Phase 3


Phase 3 marked the exciting culmination of our collaborative efforts, bringing Queen’s Grant High School’s website vision to life. This stage focused on seamlessly integrating the modern and engaging design with an enhanced user experience.

Key achievements:

Overall impact:

Phase 3 delivered a website that goes beyond aesthetics. It effectively communicates Queen’s Grant’s brand identity and student culture, fostering an authentic connection with all stakeholders. Moreover, the website provides an accessible user experience for everyone, ensuring everyone can benefit from this valuable resource.

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