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Case Study - Safe‘N’Clear

Our Work in Action

Safe’N’Clear, Inc. faced a unique challenge: creating a website that effectively communicated the benefits of their innovative product, The Communicator™ clear face mask, to diverse audiences across healthcare, government, and education sectors. Each industry has distinct needs and regulations, requiring a website that caters to each while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.


About Safe’N’Clear:

Safe’N’Clear, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of The Communicator™ surgical face mask, the healthcare industry’s first FDA-approved medical mask that enables patients and healthcare providers to read lips and observe facial expressions, ensuring the best possible healthcare outcomes.


Amid low inventory levels and global supply chain issues, Safe’N’Clear was referred to NANZORIGINAL through one of our IT partners during the early onset of COVID-19 for a custom website solution for B2B customers and an influx of B2C customers due to mask mandates.

Phase 1


In the midst of a global shortage of medical masks, Safe’N’Clear faced a critical challenge. They required a robust solution that enabled customers to conveniently pre-order their products online. Furthermore, the website needed to provide a seamless payment process for corporate clients, offering the flexibility to use Purchase Orders alongside traditional credit and procurement cards. On the backend, the system had to efficiently manage and compute state and local taxes across multiple states, offer diverse shipping options, seamlessly integrate with their accounting software, and cater to tax-exempt customers. This multifaceted project demanded a comprehensive approach to address these intricate requirements successfully.

Phase 2


NANZORIGINAL found inspiration in Safe’N’Clear’s established logo. We carefully extracted a harmonious color palette from their existing emblem, featuring two shades of blue symbolizing trust, loyalty, and peace. This deliberate selection was tailored to align seamlessly with Safe’N’Clear’s distinctive identity. Beyond aesthetics, these colors played a strategic role, drawing users’ focus to vital information throughout the website. To further reinforce brand continuity, we tastefully incorporated subtle overlays of the logo and other branding elements, introducing a tactile dimension that sustained a unified visual identity across every aspect of the website.

Phase 3

Bringing it All Together

The revamped Safe’N’Clear website now prominently features The Communicator™ surgical grade mask and reinforces the company’s role as a staunch advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Beyond the website overhaul, NANZORIGINAL collaborated closely with Safe’N’Clear to craft a comprehensive three-year strategic marketing blueprint. This encompassed continual website management, SEO and content oversight, email marketing, adept social media management, and proficient ad campaigns on platforms such as Google and LinkedIn. Together, these efforts positioned Safe’N’Clear for a promising future, strengthening its impact and reach in the healthcare industry.

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