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Case Study – Superlative Academy Inc.

Our Work in Action

This case study delves into Superlative Academy’s website transformation, exploring the strategic design choices, innovative functionalities, and impactful results that empower and elevate the childcare industry, one click at a time.


About Superlative Academy:

Superlative Academy: Empowering and Elevating the Childcare Industry Through Comprehensive Website Design

Superlative Academy Inc., a nonprofit 501c3 champion for the childcare industry, embarked on a mission to amplify its voice and empower caregivers across the state of North Carolina. Their commitment to supporting diverse forms of childcare, including family childcare homes, extends far beyond advocacy. Recognizing the crucial role caregivers play in shaping young minds, Superlative Academy strives to elevate the industry through comprehensive resources, peer support, and statewide accredited training.

But their impact wasn’t limited to on-the-ground initiatives. Recognizing the power of digital connection and accessibility, Superlative Academy embarked on a comprehensive modern website design, aiming to further their mission by:


Empowering Caregivers:
Building Community:
Driving Donations:
Phase 1

Discovery Phase

During Phase 1 of our website project and branding services, we embarked on a deep dive into Superlative Academy’s charitable organization through our unique “Go Wide, Go Deep” process. This comprehensive discovery phase went well beyond surface-level understanding, delving into their mission and vision, business goals and objectives, target market and geographic reach. We also addressed any potential roadblocks they might face. Through in-depth interviews, competitor analysis, and market research, we painted a vivid picture of Superlative Academy’s landscape, enabling us to craft solutions that would resonate with their target audience and propel them for growth. This initial phase laid the foundation for a comprehensive website and unique brand that truly captured the essence of Superlative Academy to empower them to achieve their aspirations.

Phase 2

Design Concept

In Phase 2, we translated the insights gathered in Phase 1 into tangible action. We meticulously mapped out Superlative Academy’s website structure, ensuring a seamless user journey and optimal discoverability. Keyword-rich content, crafted with their target audience in mind, fuel their website’s search engine ranking and engages users with informative and compelling narratives. But we didn’t stop at words – we brought Superlative Academy’s brand vision to life through visually stunning design prototypes. These prototypes showcased the aesthetic identity of their brand and meticulously crafted user experience, allowing them to visualize and interact with the future of Superlative Academy’s online presence before development even began. This collaborative phase ensured Superlative Academy’s website aligned perfectly with their brand and resonated powerfully with their audience.

Phase 3


Phase 3 of our collaboration saw Superlative Academy’s vision materialize into a dynamic, multi-faceted web presence. We meticulously built the website in three distinct parts, each serving a specific purpose. Firstly, the core website established Superlative Academy’s identity, showcasing its mission and values, while seamlessly integrating secure online donation options and event calendars. This provided a clear entry point for potential supporters and engaged audiences.

Next, we constructed a robust online learning platform specifically tailored for childcare providers. This interactive platform empowers them to build their business acumen, access professional development resources, and earn valuable star ratings upon course completion, thus enhancing their qualifications and credibility. This section directly addresses the need for continuous learning and professional development within the childcare industry.

Finally, we developed an extensive membership directory, functioning as a crucial bridge between childcare providers and their communities. This comprehensive directory empowers families to easily locate trustworthy providers within their communities based on specific criteria, fostering connections and driving business for registered members.

By strategically segmenting the website into these distinct yet interconnected components, we ensured Superlative Academy’s diverse offerings are readily accessible and impactful for all stakeholders, solidifying their position as a leading resource within the childcare industry.

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