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Our solutions include fundraising portals and engagement features to support financial sustainability. Our accessible websites are designed to showcase your curriculum flexibility and focus on fostering a sense of community among students, parents, teachers, and alumni. We also understand the importance of strong parent involvement and communication, while providing the tools you need.

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Case Studies - Our Work in Action

We makek websites more usable and enjoyable for everybody. These web design case studies illustrate how we’re fixing the Internet, one website at a time.

Superlative Academy

Superlative Academy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering and elevating the childcare industry through continuing education and comprehensive support to childcare providers, as well as advocacy for providing equity in early childhood outcomes. The organization provides a voice for various forms of home-based childcare, including family childcare homes, while enhancing standards through peer support, technical assistance, and valuable resources. Their focus on fostering business and professional development ensures that caregivers have the necessary tools they need and a supportive community to provide exceptional care to children and families.

Queen’s Grant High School

Queen’s Grant High School is a distinguished charter high school dedicated to providing a top-tier education to students. With a rigorous academic curriculum that includes advanced placement courses and dual enrollment opportunities, Queen’s Grant High School prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. The school’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community is evident in its active student organizations, including Beta Club, National Honor Society, and Student Council. Queen’s Grant High School values diversity and offers support services such as tutoring, exceptional children’s programs, and individualized education plans to ensure every student thrives.

Understanding Challenges for Private and Charter Schools

As a marketing agency, we fully grasp the unique challenges that private and charter schools face. We recognize the constraints of limited budgets, making it imperative to maximize the impact of every marketing dollar. We understand the competitive landscape, where attracting and retaining students demands a compelling and standout online presence. For charter schools, navigating compliance and accountability is crucial, and we can help ensure your website meets these requirements. With many schools lacking in-house IT expertise, our user-friendly content management systems and ongoing technical support have become invaluable.

We value the importance of parent communication, offering website tools that simplify interactions and enhance engagement. We’re sensitive to the specific educational approaches of each school, addressing diversity and inclusion considerations thoughtfully. Moreover, we recognize the ongoing challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified staff, and we can use your website to showcase your school’s supportive environment and unique benefits for educators.