How Is Your Business Handling COVID-19 Crisis

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are in in react mode to change how they can continue business operations while protecting their employees,  customers, and families at home. Indeed, we are in scary times and to do nothing is NOT an option.

Below are some stories about a few of our clients and what they are doing to make it through to the other side of this crisis.

Poteet Printing Systems LLC | National Manufacturing Company

Poteet Printing Systems is a flexographic ink manufacturer and service provider for the print packaging industry. The health and safety of their employees and customers is always top priority, but when the pandemic hit they took a different approach with the opportunity to thank their employees and share prevention tips regarding COVID-19 by creating kits filled with hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, and COVID-19 prevention information for employees to take home. Additionally, they are practicing social distancing using these floor decals as a great reminder to employees to maintain social distancing in areas such as manufacturing, labs, break rooms, and other busy areas at our facilities. As an essential chemical industry, they showed gratitude and support for their employees’ diligent work to keep the packaging supply chain moving with ink!

Backyard Birds | Local Retailer

Backyard Birds is a local retail store providing food, shelter, and other necessities for animals. Store owner Laurie Horne, is proactively working to keep her customers safe while getting the products they need in their hands by following the CDC guidelines for sanitizing her store, the products received from her suppliers, and by educating her employees about safe handling procedures. Small businesses with walk-in traffic have been hit really hard as has most businesses. As an essential business, Laurie has closed off her store to all walk-in traffic and is only doing business by phone offering curbside and delivery services. She is taking advantage of utilizing her website, social media and email marketing to communicate with her customers as well as people who are looking for what she has to offer. One thing for sure, Backyard Birds products and services are in high demand and she is doing everything she can to take care business. in fact, her website traffic has increased 343% since Covid-19.

CCM Counseling | Service Provider

Connie Mele is a registered nurse and licensed therapist who specializes in treating individual patients who are suffering from addiction and trauma from the comforts of her small quaint office in the south Charlotte area. As telehealth services are growing more popular, Connie was previously reluctant to take that virtual leap because she really enjoys the face-to-face, in-person interaction with clients. Ready or not, the COVID-19 crisis forced Connie to make that transition, and sooner than planned. Connie is continuing to provide counseling services covering a much broader reach of people by using online technology.  It has even expanded her reach to help health professionals in the medical community outside her geographic radius. As an RN, she understands first hand what they are going through and how to help them cope and manage their own health needs.

We love hearing about how our customers are turning obstacles into opportunities, and we especially love being part of it.