Nancy Bradley, Website Design Consultant
Article By: Sophia Puckett | UNCC | Journalism Class Assignment

“Dress for success” is not only applicable in a real-life presence but also for a digital presence. And similarly, business’ website can have a big impact on their targeted audiences and on potential sales.

Nancy Bradley has been a Web Design Consultant with front end development skills since 2012. Bradley has more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience that ensures she brings the best options to the table for her clients.

Bradley had a dream from the age of five of owning her own dance school. She taught dance at 14 to a city recreation department. Then, at the age of 16, she had recruited enough students to open her own dance studio. She managed five instructors with over 400 students for more than 14 years.

Bradley started her website development journey after an unfortunate turn of events in her life and she was no longer able to pursue her dance school dream. Although website design was not something Bradley saw herself doing, she loves her career and strives to provide the best quality of service for her clients.

Bradley has sales and marketing experience ranging from a small, family-owned business to global corporations. Websites are crucial for today’s online business. Bradley describes websites as, “One of the most underutilized assets a business owns. Today’s website is about form and function. You can have a business that offers an outstanding product or service, but if their website does not match that image or reputation, or does not perform, it negatively impacts the bottom line causing immeasurable loss in sales opportunities.”

Website design does not seem like a job for Bradley, rather a hobby where she is able to express her creativity.

Bradley has been described as a bulldog by peers and clients due to her determination and not letting challenges or obstacles (which she chooses to call opportunities) get in her way. She is able to listen to her clients’ concerns deeply and completely to provide the best possible solutions given parameters such as time, budget, strategic goals and personnel resources.

Being a website designer is not her only business; she also owns a startup company that involves setup, installation and maintenance of underwater camera systems for environmental research (a continuation of her bulldog-like qualities).

Bradley describes herself as being left-brained and right-brained. She says she is very analytical and methodical and she’s almost an artist that has a blank canvas, paint and a paintbrush.

An anonymous Google review from a client describes how Bradley’s love, time and energy she puts into her client’s website’s is great, “Her process makes sense. Nancy takes time to understand and evaluate her clients’ needs and values then magically meets and exceeds all expectations.”

Being a website designer is different from most occupations and there is not a structured day-to-day routine. Bradley does not take on every potential client that approaches her for her skills and talent.

Compatibility between Bradley and the client is key to a long-lasting, progressive and sustainable business relationship.

Another anonymous Google review says, “Before working with Nancy my website was just an online business card. Nancy helped me turn my website into a more effective and interactive sales and marketing tool. Now it better communicates who I am, what I do, and who I work with, and it is more interactive with potential clients.”

Bradley’s biggest tick is being able to help other people. Bradley said, “I feel rewarded when I can look back and say “I helped that person achieve XYZ.’”

Bradley’s advice for those that are considering a career in website development is, “Focus on what you do best and you’ll achieve greater success in whatever you choose to do. Also, make sure it is something you enjoy doing. Life is too short to be miserable.”

Bradley is not all work and no play. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Olivia, and going to her field hockey games. She also enjoys going to the [Frying Pan] tower 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina or to her place in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband. Binge watching shows on Netflix is also a great outlet to for her to relax.

Throughout Bradley’s entire life she has shown determination for business growth and development and even now, she is continuing with that determination.

Website design has become an integral part of her life and she is so glad she has found a career that will allow her to be as creative as she wants while still having a professional atmosphere.