Nancy Bradley, WordPress Website Design Consultant
Nancy Bradley

Chief Marketing Officer

Nancy Bradley is a digital marketing strategist for multiple B2B, B2C and eCommerce businesses.

As a Fractional CMO, Nancy utilizes tools at her disposal to uphold your company brand, create and sustain customer centricity, leverage data analytics, and anticipate market changes and disruption.

Nancy possesses a deep knowledge of marketing theory and strategy with 30 years of experience in traditional marketing and 15 years in digital marketing. As a high performing marketing executive, Nancy utilizes an intentional leadership style that cultivates results by aligning your business goals with cross-functional marketing strategies to foster innovation in sales development and ignite business growth.

By leveraging the capabilities of analytics to make informed marketing decisions, Nancy offers practical solutions to marketing challenges by identifying and removing performance barriers, and promote purposeful alignment of branding strategies to guide your organization to success.

Nancy Bradley started working at the age of 14. Two years later she sat down with her attorney to file articles of incorporation and started her own business at the age of 16. She successfully managed and grew that business for 15 years.

A life changing turn of events landed her in Charlotte, North Carolina where she started working for a small family owned business in marketing and sales, and she continued working her way through the next 18 years as part of the corporate world in a variety of traditional marketing and communications roles. These various industries included an international manufacturing facility, a world-renowned global shipping organization, international network television with 14 affiliates, the startup of a digital broadband company, and an internationally recognized and popular big box retailer.

In 2011, Nancy’s entrepreneurial passion was reignited by a growing world of digital technology. She decided to use her collective knowledge and diverse experience to help small-to-medium sized businesses take their marketing efforts to the next level. With the explosive growth of digital marketing, she decided to narrow her focus in 2017 to do what she loves doing most – WordPress website design consulting and development.

Since we can’t all be experts in everything, Nancy is using her access to human resources to form collaborative partnerships with vetted digital mavericks offering a full suite of business and marketing services from experts in their fields. This gives her the ability to best serve the needs of her clientele with well managed solutions based on their specific needs.

Her goals are to make your business:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Attract more "ideal" customers to your website
  • Move from probability to profitability

Nancy is a digital marketing maverick ready to help your business devise the right digital marketing solutions to promote your brands, products and services; implement online marketing strategies to grow your business; and, provide optimal solutions to secure your online investment! She works with all types of businesses and startups to help her clients take their business to the next level of getting more ideal clients, increase brand awareness and annual revenue growth. Her ideal client is established and ready to take the next step in their business, have been in business for 3+ years with 8 or more employees, and an annual revenue of $750k+.

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