How Is Your Business Handling COVID-19 Crisis
How Is Your Business Handling The COVID-19 Crisis?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are in in react mode to change how they can continue business operations while protecting their employees,  customers, and families at home. Indeed, we are in scary times and to do nothing is NOT an option.

Below are some stories about a few of our clients and what they are doing to make it through to the other side of this crisis.

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Money to your Competitors
Is Your Website Leaving Money on the Table for Your Competitors?

During these unprecedented times with COVID-19, more and more small businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits are having to reevaluate the way they do business; reacting to what’s happening with our economy can make you lose sight of what lies ahead for your business after things begin to settle down again.

Is your website meeting the demands of your growing business or organization? A website is the largest marketing asset a business or organization owns. Unfortunately, many are leaving money on the table by under utilizing or altogether neglecting their sites.

Hosting companies are reporting that there is an increase in the number visitors to websites by people who are searching for information, products and/or services.

You can’t afford to ignore your brand’s online presence. We work together with your marketing team and IT folks to create a site that meets the needs of growing your business or organization; one that integrates with your other systems to keep you going 24/7/365.

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Marketing Strategy for Small Business
One Reason Many Small Businesses Fail, It May Not Be Why You Think
You’ve made a significant investment in starting your business and you hit the ground running.

Perhaps you spent your retirement savings or borrowed money from the bank. You’ve done your research, created a business model, financial plan, acquired equipment, created an inventory or designed a suite of services to offer. Next you got your website online, created social media accounts, printed business cards and any other collateral.

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